Jonatan Holmgren

Enthusiastic opensourcer at V3XLabs


Click “Quick Start” on the image bellow for installation instructions Website Then open a terminal and run hugo new site sitename This will create a new folder with Hugo.

Downloading a theme

Now we will download a theme. This can be done here. Follow the installation guide for the theme you want.

Previewing the site

Run hugo server and browse to http://localhost:1313 to preview it.

Customizing the config.yml

Edit the file config.yaml to your preference.

Adding own articles.

In the /content folder there should be a folder called post or posts or something similar. If not follow the intructions for the theme you use on how to create on. Now create the file with the name you want in your URL bar for the article (This one is “hugo”) with the file extention “.md”


I like to use Netlify to host websites for free, click here